Yoga means Union. Union with your Self and union with the greater universe.

Have you ever felt disconnected and lost? Feeling like you do not belong? In a world of  high connectivity, we tend to look outwards and not inwards anymore.

Yoga brings you back inward and allows you to look inside and learn about yourself.


My name is Magali or Matrika, as my spiritual name, which comes from the sanskrit word “matri”, meaning mother and ka, small.  This name was given to me at the start of my 4-year yoga teacher training in 2010. I have found this Yoga when I was in India, doing an Ayurvedic retreat with my mother. I had done many classes of yoga before but when I started the classes with Ranjan, the yoga teacher, it was clear to me that this was something else.

I want to guide you through the same process I experienced and bring you in the here and now, closer to you.


  • 680 hours Yoga Teacher Training (2010-2014), Ecole de Yoga Satyananda Yoga, Paris
  • Hatha Yoga Ausbildung (2015-2016), Samatvam Yoga Schule, Zürich Switzerland
  • GroovyKids Yoga Teacher Training (2016), Baar Switzerland
  • Child Development and Yoga (Jan 2017), Research on Yoga and Education, France
  • Yoga for children in kindergarten and elementary school (March 2017), RYE France


The Philosophy

I have followed the tradition of Yoga Satyananda from the Bihar School of Yoga in India.

The Yoga Satyananda is considered as a “wholistic” Yoga, which means it incorporates the Body, the Mind and the Spirit.

This is the reason why I have followed this tradition as it brings you whole within yourself and also with your environment.

For more information, visit the Bihar Yoga School website.


The Class

Hatha Yoga (movements of the body), Yoga Nidra (the Yoga of sleep), or Pranayama (breathing techniques), are all techniques that are taught in our training. A standard practice starts with some movements of the body (Asanas), then followed by breathing techniques (Pranayama) and we wrap the session with a short relaxing meditation or Yoga Nidra. The class lasts between an hour to an hour and a half.

At the end of a yoga session, you feel both relaxed and energised at the same time, fully rejuvenated and ready to start the day. It is recommended to do Yoga asanas in the morning, then finish the day with a meditation.

I offer private courses on an individual basis or for groups of 3 minimum for adults or children. You can contact me directly to schedule your next session.

Team classes are also offered at the Samatvam Yoga Schule in Zürich (Kreis 6).

Contact me

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